Top Cashback Sites 2018

Cashback sites are a great resource but not something not many people know about. So, how do they work? Well, to give you a basic lowdown on them a cashback website will give you money when you use their website to buy something from a selected retailer.

Basically, instead of going to the website, you want to buy something from directly if you go through an official cashback website instead you’ll get some extra money after your purchase. This can vary depending on what you’re buying and the site you use.

You’ll first need to sign up to the cashback website and once your account is created you’ll be able to search cashback links for businesses websites.

Click on the link and then once the transaction is complete money will be deposited in your account on the cashback website.

However, you won’t be able to withdraw the money straight away you’ll need to reach a set amount before anything can be taken out.

You should also know that any money you make on cashback websites won’t officially be yours till it is in your bank account.

Every cashback website will have its own rules and regulations as well and they can vary considerably. So, make sure you research any websites before you use them and know exactly what they offer.

To help you find the best cashback website for you I’ve compiled some of the most popular cashback websites for 2018 below.

Quidco Review

Quidco is another of the prime cashback websites and it is often competing with the already mentioned TopCashback when it comes to exclusive deals and offers.

In many respects, Quidco is very similar to TopCashback it offers two tiers of membership a free one and a premium one for a monthly cost.

The premium membership offers bonus cashback rates, prize draws and other exclusive benefits although for many people using the free membership will be fine.

Quidco like TopCashback also offer bonuses for switching your credit for vouchers instead.

Also, like TopCashback Quidco offer their cashback services in certain shops and they are a perfectly good choice if you’re new to using cashback. To make sure you get the full benefits of using Quidco keep a look out for exclusive their bonuses and offers.

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TopCashback Review

With a name like this, you can likely guess that TopCashback is one of the more popular cashback websites. TopCashback is the perfect place to start trying out the cashback process if you’ve never tried it before thanks to its simplicity and high value.

TopCashback is one of the highest paying cashback websites and you can even switch your money for vouchers to get added bonuses.

You can also use TopCashback on certain in-store purchases as well. Another great benefit to using TopCashback is that they don’t charge for sign-up either.

Although they do offer a paid plus membership which will give you an extra 5% bonus. Overall TopCashback is easily one of the simplest cashback websites and offers some great benefits for its users.

KidStart Review

This is certainly a more quirky cashback website although it does have some unique benefits. KidStart as the name probably tells you is based around helping couples save up money for children and it is one of the few websites that offers cashback for websites like Amazon.

KidStart is designed to help you save money to put towards a child’s savings however that doesn’t mean you need to have a child or even withdraw the money to a child’s savings account.

However, you will need the child’s name and date of birth before you are allowed to withdraw money.

The child can be a grandchild though and if you haven’t had a child yet but are expecting one then an estimated date of birth will do.

Sign-up is free but KidStart do claim to have ways of checking if you have a child or not and if they find your claim is fraudulent they will not allow you to withdraw any money.

20 Cogs Review

OK, 20 Cogs isn’t the traditional cashback website although it does work in a similar manner and can be considered a cashback/ survey site in many ways.

So, what do you need to know about 20 Cogs? Well while it isn’t as simple as a traditional cashback website it does offer many of the same benefits.

With 20 Cogs you have to earn 20 Cogs which is what will give you your cashback! Cogs can be earned in a variety of ways some of which are buying products using cashback links like you would with a more traditional cashback website.

Others ways of earning your cogs vary but some common examples include using free trials, referring friends and completing surveys.

Payment can be done through both PayPal and bank transfers and sign-up is free although there isn’t currently a 20 cogs app available.

TCM Cashback Review

TCM Cashback is in many respects similar to KidStart as it is again based around helping parents put money towards their children.

However, you can still use it as a regular cashback website as well although it is once again recommended to utilise TCM Cashback as intended.

With TCM Cashback you can save up money in increments of £10 which can be withdrawn at any time. You can add children’s trust fund accounts to allow for quick withdrawals although you can add your own as well.

There are other 900 retailers currently compatible with TCM Cashback so it is a great cashback website to utilise if you want to put money towards your children or grandchildren.

You can also get access to special discounts and vouchers as a member of TCM Cashback as well.

Give or Take Review

Give or Take is another website that plays about with the traditional Cashback formula. It is free to sign-up and use and like the majority of cashback websites, you can use it to quickly search out retailers and products.

However, this is where some differences come in first of all when you purchase something you should expect a wait before you see any money in your cashback account.

This in and of itself isn’t that unusual every cashback website as it owns rules regarding speed and time-frames.

However, with Give or Take you should expect a slightly longer wait with some transactions taking up to two weeks at maximum to show up in your account. This isn’t the main difference though that comes down to the give or take feature.

If you opt to give the cashback you have received away you can choose from a wide variety of different charities and donate the money directly to them.

If you instead opt to take the cashback you have built up it will be withdrawn into your bank account. Although you will need at least £25 before you can withdraw it to your account.

Swagbucks Review

Swagbucks is a cashback website with a lot of variety to it! It is similar to the previously mentioned 20 Cogs in many ways and no matter how you decide to use it you do have the potential to earn a lot of money. So, let’s take a closer look at how Swagbucks works, shall we?

That name already probably makes it clear that Swagbucks is an American website but it is still open to members in the UK and it as over 1000 retailers using its cashback links. However, links are not the only way to build up funds on Swagbucks.

You can actually build up money in a variety of ways using the Swagbucks website including watching videos and completing surveys. Sign up is again free and money can be withdrawn into your PayPal account or as gift cards.

Swagbucks is a very popular website although it is a little more complex than some of the more traditional cashback sites.

There are a lot of ways to earn money which gives you more freedom and versatility but it can take a while to get the hang of the website and you should expect moderate to long wait times when it comes to withdrawing your funds as it can take some time for them to appear.

Boom 25 Review

Boom 25 is again a more quirky take on the traditional cashback website although this is a very different take on things. So, how does Boom 25 work? You use it in the same way you would any normal more traditional cashback website.

You search the links and order your goods as normal however you won’t be earning cashback each time you buy something with Boom 25! Instead you’ll be entered into a prize draw automatically which could net you more significant savings.

Each time you buy something using Boom 25 you’ll have a 1 in 25 chance of having all your shopping done for free!

You literally have the opportunity to get all your money back on whatever you buy and certain products/ websites will have better odds as part of Boom 25’s special offers/ vouchers.

So, things are very different from the usual cashback websites and you could net significantly higher savings! However, even though a 1 in 25 chance is still good it does mean you could do a lot of shopping without seeing anything in return.

Maximiles Review

Maximiles is sometimes ignored when it comes to the UK focused cashback sites which is a shame because it does offer a great if different kind of cashback service. So, how do things work with Maximiles?

Maximiles uses a point system to score your activity on the site and you can build up more points by taking the traditional cashback route of using sponsored links and buying from certain websites or you can fill out sponsored surveys and even leave reviews.

However, while you have a lot of ways to gain points there is one issue that puts some people off the Maximiles platform.

And that is the fact that Maximiles doesn’t offer cash rewards like many other alternative websites do. So, to some, it might not even be classed as a cashback website, however in my opinion even though its benefits are a little different Maximiles is still a great website to use.

Instead of money, you can build up points to buy products and there is a huge range to choose from including a range of tickets and vouchers. If you are solely looking to get extra money using cashback websites then Maximiles is not for you but it still offers some great incentives for other people.

Concluding Our Look Into Cashback Sites

So, now that you’ve been guided through some of the most popular cashback websites what is the final verdict on them?

As you’ve no doubt surmised from my mini-reviews into each website it is essential that you know exactly how each cashback platform works before you engage with it because they are very different.

Some don’t even offer money in return they instead offer other incentives and sometimes even if they do offer money taking it might not always be your best option as you can usually get bonuses by converting it into credit or vouchers for other retailers.

There are also the wait times to consider as well as the different rules for the amount needed before you can make a withdrawal.

It’s also important that you don’t fall into the trap of shopping for things just to get cashback as this can easily lead you to buy things you don’t really need and spend a lot of money for not much in the way of return. So, try to stick to your usual shopping habits and routine whenever possible.

And finally, remember that the money you get from cashback is not yours until it has been deposited into your account. When used correctly cashback websites like the ones I’ve talked about in this very article can be incredibly helpful when it comes to saving up money.

Just make sure you know the rules and how each website operates before you sign up.

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