How to Make Money as a Kid – 6 Awesome Tips

How to Make Money as a Kid

In today’s day and age, technology has created oceans of earning possibilities for children and adults alike. If you are a parent like me, then you must believe in the value of money and may be wondering how to impart that lesson to your children. Well, what better way is there than to make them understand the hard work that goes in to earning every penny?

The advent of the internet and communication technology has opened up a whole new avenue of opportunities for earning potential that can take children beyond setting up simple lemonade stands.

Trying to make money at such a young age will help them understand that sometimes, you have to wait to buy a new toy or gadget as you have to save up enough quid for it. And in order to save, you must have money. And to have money, you have to work. It’s an intelligent cycle of learning that they will catch up on and will learn a lesson for life – possibly something that they will hold close to their heart forever.

After all, were we not all super impressionable as kids? Children who wish to make their own money will comprehend that money does not grow on trees, cannot be printed on whim and is a limited resource that can only be made available through sheer hard work and opportunity.

Now, if you are a child whose reading this article – congratulations! It is absolutely brilliant that you wish to make your own way in the world from such a young and tender age. Super proud of you, little mate! You can do anything you put your mind too. Your innovative, entrepreneurial spirit is going to help you achieve wonders and soar to heights of immense success. Have a business idea? Put it to the test and do not let the lack of investment funds stop you!

Ready to hear the clink-clink of the coins in your piggy bank? It’s time to get started!

Here are some wicked ways your child or you (if you’re a kid) can make some extra dough:

Take up dog-walking

Are you an animal lover? If yes, combine your love for pets with your desire to earn quid and give dog-walking a try. Post on your social media that you’re open to walking dogs. Go ahead and knock on your neighbours’ doors and ask if they need some help walking their dog whilst they’re at work and you’re happy to do it for a small fee.

Tell your parents friends and put the word out in your own social circle. Remember, the more dogs you walk, the more moolah you will earn. It’s an awesome way to maximise your earning power and save time. If you charge 10 pounds per dog and walk 4 dogs for an hour, that’s 40 pounds for you right there, my friend! Brilliant, isn’t it?

Put up a garage sale

Got some old toys, gadgets, sheets, random household items lying around? Or do you see your wife or mother putting together a bag of throwaway items? Don’t let her throw it! One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Go stop her and offer to take care of it for her.

Put up signs around your neighbourhood that there is a garage sale happening and price items on the cheap. People are always looking for random household equipment and are happy to take it off your hands in exchange for a small fee.

Cut The Grass

Know how to operate a lawn mower? It was one of my favourite activities as a kid. Mowing lawns can actually become a full-time business – after your school hours of course! If the area you live in is warm, then even better! Set up a Facebook page and put the word out that you are willing to mow lawns at times.

Get your customers to leave reviews and rate your service so you will attract even more business. It’s absolutely brilliant! Free marketing!

Car wash

If you are not afraid to get your hands a little wet, then ever considered washing cars on the side to earn a little additional pocket money? I’m sure pretty much everyone in your area owns a car and needs to wash it from time to time. People work all week long and would much prefer to relax on the weekend.

They don’t have much time to dedicate to their leisure and hobbies. You can actually help them out by taking this extra chore off their hands for a small fee. Just make sure you do a great job, so you can get even more referrals.

Serve the Elderly

Find a few elderly customers and offer to run their errands for them for a small fee. Surely you go shopping with your mother for groceries, offer to get your elderly clients’ items as well and drop them off. I bet there are a lot of elderly people you know who would love such a service. Offer to pick up their dry cleaning, water their plants, wash their car, or take them for a walk.

There is so much you can do for them! Not only will you earn extra quid, but you’ll earn their eternal gratitude as well.

Have a bake sale

Who doesn’t love eating desserts? What we love even more is to bake them. Now, if you have a passion for baking – organise a bake sale and invite your friends and family to come sample your goodies for a small fee. Set up a Facebook page, put up tantalising pics of your baked items and get your friends to promote it for you. We are sure you’ll receive a ton of orders!

If your child does start earning money on his own at a young age, do praise and encourage him. Trust us, it will be a lesson learnt for life and you’ll thank yourself for enabling him in any way needed. Help him if need be. After all, your support is what will make the biggest difference in his life.

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