What Are The Best Apps To Sell Stuff In 2019

Selling your belongings can be a great way to make some extra income. If you no longer use a computer or some clothes no longer fit you don’t have to just get rid of them you can sell them on for some extra money.

With the internet, this is now much easier than ever before and you can reach a global or local audience. The market for selling second-hand goods has grown rapidly thanks to the rise of social media and there are hundreds of different platforms you can use.

In this article, I’ am going to be looking at apps specifically, with a mobile or tablet app you can make the process even easier. With some of these apps, you can simply snap a photo and then get your item listed in seconds! So, without further ado let’s look at some of the best apps you can use to sell stuff online in 2019.


I can’t really do a list of the best apps to sell stuff without mentioning eBay, can I? It was once the biggest ecommerce platform on the internet and while it does have more rivals nowadays it does remain a large market force.

There are a lot of benefits to using the eBay app, it has a large audience and the app is easy to get to grips with. If you have used the eBay website then using the app should be relatively simple and straightforward. While eBay doesn’t necessarily lend itself to a local audience people can search by proximity as well so you could easily sell locally.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook was quick to utilise its services to launch its own buy and sell feature. The Facebook Marketplace allows you to buy and sell numerous goods directly through the Facebook app. You can even join local groups and communities if you want to stick to buying and selling locally.

Some people might struggle getting used to how the Facebook Marketplace works at first especially since it doesn’t have its own app. However, if you are a regular Facebook user then you will likely find it relatively simple.

Let Go

Let Go is another popular second-hand marketplace app and while it does have its own website it’s the app that has proven very popular. The Let Go app is designed to be simple and easy to use you simply upload a photo and input any information and then you can converse with interested parties.

The Let Go app is designed with local buying and selling in mind and is one of the fastest growing online marketplaces. It originally had a strong focus on electronics although nowadays it is more of a general buy and sell app.

Let Go was only founded in 2015 and as such is still growing so it might not have all the features of other similar marketplace apps. However if you are looking for a good general marketplace app with a lot of features then it’s a great place to start.


The Etsy app is a little different from other more general buying and selling apps. Etsy is focused on handmade and vintage goods although it does have collectibles and customisations as well. So, Etsy is a little more unique when it comes to what it offers.

This gives Etsy a more unique niche and userbase however it also means it will have a more limited appeal. But if you are interested in handmade or vintage goods then Etsy is a great place to buy and sell them. While Etsy isn’t designed with a particular focus on local selling you can customise it for local traders only.


Depop is another online marketplace with a more unique appeal, Depop like Etsy is more focused on unique and handmade goods and customisations. However, Depop brands itself mainly on its clothing and as quite the fanbase when it comes to people looking for more unique designs.

You’ll find clothing of all kind available at Depop for men, women, and children from shoes to jackets and everything else you can think of. Depop again isn’t an app designed with a local audience in mind but you can search for goods nearby with it as well. Depop is easy for both buyers and sellers to use so if you’re looking to sell some unique or handmade clothing then this app is a great tool to use.


This app is designed with a particular focus on proximity as the name likely tells you! So, how does 5miles work exactly? With 5miles you can search for goods that are close to you so you can go and collect them in person or if you prefer you can have them posted.

5miles puts a strong emphasis on security and uses peoples mobile phones for safe tracking so you can find the closest sellers and buyers. People can also converse securely through the app and 5miles as a number of verification processes so people both buyers and sellers can use the app in confidence.

5miles might have a bit of a learning curve to it but once you get the hang of it you’ll find it a very useful way to sell belongings especially if you want to sell to a more local audience. It might not be as popular as some alternative apps but it can still be a very useful marketplace app and it does have quite the active user base, although the number of local users will likely demand on where exactly you live.

General Advice

So, that is a look at some of the best apps to sell your belongings on in 2019. Each app has its own perks and benefits and depending on what exactly you’re selling certain apps might be a better match. Remember though whatever app you decide to use ensure you are as accurate as possible and upload as many photographs as you can.

When you’re using a phone or tablet you can upload photographs quickly and remember if you are meeting in person take all the necessary safety precautions. If you can go with a friend or relative then do and meet in a public space.

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