Koh Cleaning Review

Koh Cleaning Review

I was recommended Koh by a friend but was a little dubious at first. I have heard plenty of other products claim to be anti-allergy and eco-friendly and found the results to actually be anything but. But as someone who cleans professionally and suffers some allergies to chemicals, I was willing to give them a try.

And I can say I’ am really glad I did because it really did make a difference. One of the things I loved about it was that it was incredibly versatile I could clean countless surfaces with it and the cleaning effectiveness didn’t seem to suffer at all.

I was cleaning windows and then used the same spray to clean metal! This makes it much easier for me because it saves me buying different cleaning sprays because Koh can do it all for me. I’ve tried other cleaning sprays that claim to be versatile and while some have worked they usually don’t offer the full cleaning benefits.

They might work really well on one surface like wood for example but work quite poorly on another surface like plastic. Since I need to clean plenty of different surfaces during my day to day work having Koh which seems to work well on everything is great.

A More Versatile Cleaning Solution

It is not just a great time saver but also a more cost-effective cleaning method as well which isn’t something I really thought about at first. You’d be surprised just how much cleaning materials can rack up in expenses so Koh is definitely the more effective option. So far I have used Kohn on wood, ceramic tiles, metal, glass, laminate flooring, plastic, leather, PVC and plenty of others.

Basically, I can use Koh almost anywhere in my home or any other building I’ am cleaning and I need to clean plenty of different locations so it is good to have a spray I can use anywhere. Koh is pretty much the only cleaning spray I need now and with a little elbow grease, you can cut through even tough stubborn stains.

I’ve used it to effectively and perhaps most importantly quickly clean up dirty greasy ovens and stain ridden microwaves. Jobs that would normally take me at least 15 minutes can now be done much quickly thanks to Koh. I also love how there are no streak lines after cleaning as well especially when I used the Koh cloths and sponges. I’ve got myself some more cleaning fluid for home it’s that useful and it is certainly making my job much easier.

The Koh Cleaning Kit

The Atomiser spray bottle and the cleaning fluid are of course essential but I’ve also found myself trying the other Koh products as well. Their microfibre cloths are brilliant and perfect for both bathroom and kitchen cleaning. I love how they have been colour coded so there is no risk of mixing them up as well.

Each cloth seems to have been designed for specific uses and the white cloth, in particular, is excellent on glass of all kinds from windows to mirrors. They are certainly a step above the cloths I have used before and they work brilliantly with the cleaning fluid. The cleaning fluid works well with other cloths as well but I’d say the Koh cloths are worth getting as an extra bonus because you do really notice the difference.

So, overall as I’ am sure you can tell I’ am a big fan of Koh’s cleaning materials they have certainly made my job much easier and in a way a lot more fun. So, much so that I even use them in my own home as well.

The Price is Worth It

Although if there is one downside that was putting me off at first it was the price. At first, I thought that it was quite a lot to pay for a cleaning spray but when I actually tried it I was definitely won over. I also thought about how much I spend on other cleaners like the different bathroom and kitchen cleaning sprays I normally have and I think just sticking to Kohn works out much cheaper.

So, to anyone thinking about trying Koh put letting the price put them off trust me it is worth it and at 4 litres per box it actually lasts an amazingly long time. A small dab of Koh’s spray does much more than the same amount from a regular cleaning spray so 4 litres will actually last you a long time.

Well, it certainly lasts me a very long time and the extra Kohn materials like their colour coded cloths and their diamond sponges are the best way to make the most of the cleaning spray. They might not be essential to everyone but I certainly think the higher quality is worth the extra cost.

These cloths and sponges are not designed to be disposable or to lose their effectiveness after a few washes like many of their alternatives either. You can use them again and again without any issues. The higher quality combined with the longer lifespan makes Koh’s cleaning materials easily worth the cost to me and you really can tell the difference.

My Final Thoughts

To close out my review into Koh I would just like to add that their promise of anti-allergy benefits is certainly noticeable and one of the main reasons I’ll be continuing to use their products. The chemicals from other cleaners have caused me plenty of issues in the past but they are something I resigned myself to deal with.

But Koh’s cleaning spray hasn’t caused me any problems, there is no itchiness or discomfort even when I’ve been using it for a prolonged period of time. So, if you suffer from allergies and are sick of seeing a flare up after every time you need to clean something Koh is the way to go.

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