Bulb Energy Review – the latest, and greatest, thing to happen to energy supply in decades

Bulb Energy Review

Why I chose to switch to Bulb Energy

Let’s get one thing straight from the outset—it’s fair to say that I’m your typical energy user.

I’m not one of those types who will automatically go out of their way to support a greener, more environmentally friendly source of gas and electricity. Mostly because, in recent years, supporting such responsible and honourable values has always come at the expense of over-inflated prices. The cost of buying your energy from green companies is even higher than the tariffs of the ‘big six’, so for your average price-concerned consumer like me, sadly, it tends to take a backseat to price.

Having said that, if I can do the right thing by the planet, and it isn’t going to cost me anything, then count me in—100%. I want to be greener, but the problem is that I’ve got to keep strict control over what it costs to keep a roof above my head (and my wife’s, the kids’ and the dog’s too).

This is where Bulb Energy really caught my eye and led me to be, not just a dedicated customer, but also a huge fan of what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and how.

Bulb has provided a win-win solution for everybody, and in the simplest way possible for their customers. This has got to be the model for all energy suppliers of the future, surely? If Bulb can do it this good, this green and this cheap, then surely all our energy suppliers should be able to. And if they can’t? Well, they’re more than likely going to be replaced by the up-and-comers in the industry who are happy to follow Bulb’s fine example.

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What does Bulb do differently?

I’m a regular home-owner; wife, kids and pets, all leaving the lights on, doors open, staring into the fridge for 10 minutes instead of just getting the milk out when they need it, and it drives me mad. I’m the one paying the bills, and with the suppliers constantly putting up their prices, it makes my blood boil (instead of my kettle). I need to keep my costs down. Bulb helps with that. A lot.

A simple single low tariff that beats the ‘big six’ hands down

So the first thing that grabbed me was the fact that their tariff claimed to beat practically all of the other energy suppliers by a mile. At the moment it’s somewhere around 20ish% less than the major energy suppliers; and that’s a massive saving by anyone’s standards.

I was pretty much sold there and then, thinking about how much money that would save me over the course of the year. If only the kids would leave home, then I could save even more…

As a bit of sceptic, I figured the big price-busting offer I’d spotted in their social media ads (they don’t advertise on TV to help keep their overall costs down, and in turn their prices) would be for a tariff hidden amongst a ton of small print that was only accessible to certain households. But what I found was even better. Bulb only has one tariff. That’s right. One tariff. As part of their policy to pay the best attention to their customers, everyone gets the same great deal. Everyone.

So that made things even easier. No maths to do to figure out which tariff would work out the cheapest for me. We all get the same great deal. Fantastic.

Small company—big savings

I scoured over Bulb’s website to see if all the information I’d seen was correct, and sure enough, it was, yet to my surprise, I was greeted by even more good news.

I was likely to save around £250 a year if I switched to Bulb; but switching suppliers is a proper faff, right?


Over 5.5 million people switched their energy suppliers in 2017. It’s become easier than ever for the man on the street to make that switch and save money. You barely have to lift a finger, and why should you? If the suppliers want your custom that badly, they’ll do the work for you. And they do.

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Switching is so easy

Switching to Bulb was child’s play. Given how much time my 8-year-old spends glued to her iPad, she’d probably have done it even quicker than I did, but switch I did, and with the minimum effort and fuss.

Why the whole country doesn’t make the same switch must only because they haven’t heard of them yet. But they will. I think a company who looks after their customers this well and provides such great service and price, well, they can only go from strength to strength.

£50 free credit

One of the big attractions for me—because I’m the bill payer after all and saving money seems to be why I was put on the planet—is if you can make a referral or switch by recommendation of a friend, both parties get a £50 credit. That’s almost a month’s free gas and electricity.

100% renewable electricity—100% carbon neutral gas

So the bit I haven’t said too much about—and this is the icing on the already pretty tasty cake—their energy supply is possibly one of the best for the planet we have. Bulb Energy’s ethics are outstanding. They’re going out of their way to ONLY EVER use renewable electricity from solar, wind and hydro facilities, and all of their gas supply is 100% carbon neutral. 10% of their gas is green, manufactured from farm or food waste; and the rest is offset by their support of carbon reduction projects around the world.
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Where’s the catch?

As far as I can see, and I’ve been with them now for over 2 years, there isn’t one.

My bills are low. The system they employ is simple and straightforward. Their staff are helpful and always on the ball. They always answer the phone, and their email response is just as efficient.

They really know how to look after their customers and that counts in today’s society.

And they’re so environmentally healthy. They make me a better member of society simply by giving me no other choice in the matter.

Environmentally sound by default

Right at the beginning of my praise singing here, I made a statement that said if someone made it easier for me to do the right thing, I would. Well, Bulb did, and I happily fell straight into their trap.

I actually feel a lot better about where my energy comes from. I’m proud that I’m part of the solution instead of part of the problem. I’m happier knowing that my energy use isn’t wasting our valuable resources, and I’m happy to tell everyone what I’m doing to help look after our planet.

But what I’m most proud of is how much money I’m saving.

And it’s driving my wife crazy with just how much it’s making me smile…

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