Who is Care2Save?

We are a UK registered charity which supports hospice and palliative care by running projects solely devoted to generating new income for charities. One of these projects is the Care2Save shopping website, which gives the opportunity to buy the products and services you need AND choose a charity to benefit from 80% of the commission we earn. The remaining 20% of this commission goes to The Care2Save Charitable Trust

Why would merchants give you money when they have their own online shops?

Many merchants choose to work with affiliate programmes because it can give them access to consumers they might not otherwise reach. Most of our retail partners were already participating in affiliate programmes when we asked to work with them.

Why should I shop through Care2Save instead of one of the other shopping sites? Aren’t you all the same?

While we do all offer the same ‘donate when you shop’ service, there are two very important differences.

  • The first is that we give a much higher percentage of the commission earned by your purchases to the charity you nominate. From your very first purchase, your charity will receive 80% of the commission. Most other sites offering this service only give 50% of the commission to the charity nominated. One site will give a higher percentage away, but a charity’s supporters would have to spend over £1 million pounds a year before the percentage reached 80%. That might work for large, national charities, but most charities will never reach that amount and thus will receive a lower percentage of the commission.
  • The second important difference is that Care2Save is a charity itself. The 20% of the commission that does not go to your charity goes to the Care2Save Charitable Trust to support palliative and hospice care in the UK and globally. If you would like to learn more about palliative and hospice care, click here. If you would like to read more about how we were formed, click here.

If you give away all of the money, how do you pay your bills?

Unless a charity is extremely small and wholly run by volunteers they will inevitably have costs in order to deliver their charitable activities. The Care2Save Charitable Trust is no different however, we run various projects which generate income to support our work and have a very low cost structure. This enables us to ensure that your chosen charity receives the lion’s share of the income generated through the Care2Save shopping website.

I’m a charity – do I have to register with you in order to raise money?

That’s one of the great things about Care2Save – charities don’t need to register with us. Just tell your supporters about us and ask them to nominate your charity when they register – then every time they shop through Care2Save, you make money. What could be simpler?

I’m a business – how can I sell through your website?

If you are a retail merchant or service provider we would love to talk to you about working with Care2Save.

We currently work with the following affiliate programmes:




If you would like to have a chat with us first, our Sales and Marketing Director, Peter Lewis, would love to talk to you. You can reach him by emailing Peter.Lewis@care2save.co.uk.

How does the retailer/Care2Save know who to pay?

Everyone who registers is given a Unique ID number (UID). This number is passed on to retailers when you visit them. If you make a purchase, this UID number is returned back to us and we then use that to tie the donation to your chosen cause.

Can my chosen charity see what I have purchased?

No, they cannot.

Can I support more than one cause?

Yes, you can. Once you’ve logged in, you can go to your Account page and change the cause you wish to support before you start shopping.

Will my shopping cost more?

Absolutely not

Does my cause have to be a registered charity?

No, your cause does not need to be a registered charity. You may register a cause with Care2Save using our Contact Us page and we will get back to you within seven working days to let you know whether your cause has been accepted. Once it is accepted, it will appear on our website.

If I have a problem with a product I’ve purchased through Care2Save, who should I contact?

You should contact the retailer you purchased the product/service from directly.

How quickly will commission be paid to the charity of my choice?

Commissions will be paid to the charity of your choice on a quarterly basis.

Why does the commission not show straight away?

It can take up to ninety days for the information that a purchase has been made, and what the commission on that purchase is, to get back to Care2Save from the retailer. As soon as we get that information, we update Your Account.

What is the toolbar?

The toolbar is great way make sure your favourite charity benefits from your online purchases. If you go straight to a participating retailer’s website and forget to go through Care2Save first, the toolbar will ask if you want your charity to benefit from any purchase you make – it’s a way of giving your charity the benefits of Care2Save without going through the website itself.